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Pajiba: Entertainment. Politics. Culture. Nasty Feminist Hugbox. Spike Lee’s ‘BlacKkKlansman’ Is Astonishingly Unfocused in Its Production and …

The Camp Gay trope as used in popular culture. The epitome of a stereotypical gay man. He’s flammanant in his dress, speech, mannerisms, and interests. He …

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The Best Police Movies Ever Made Police Describe Disturbing Cases How the Cops Know You’re Lying Awesome Police Cars Around the World The Greatest Serial Cop Drama Series Cops Who Were Undercover for Entire Years Sadistic Cops Who Committed Awful Crimes The Greatest Songs About Police What Police Wear Around …

My recent Blind Item in Ask Ausiello is a blind no more. As confirmed by our teen site Deadline, a big question mark is now hanging over Lethal Weapon’s seemingly slam-dunk Season 3 renewal due to the behavior of co-lead Clayne Crawford.

It was back to work for Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford. The actors were spotted filming scenes for their TV series Lethal Weapon on Tuesday in Los Angeles.

Homey D. Clown – Damon Wayans plays an ex-con who works as a clown (real name Herman Simpson) for his parole agreement, but lashes out at anyone (usually by hitting them on the head with a sock full of pennies) who attempts to make him perform the standard antics of the role – “I don’t think so!

Damon Kyle Wayans Sr. (/ ˈ d eɪ m ən ˈ w eɪ. ə n z /; born September 4, 1960) is an American actor, stand-up comedian, writer and producer, and member of the Wayans family of entertainers.

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What’s that wisecracking black guy (Eddie Murphy) in that beat-up Chevy Nova doing in lily-white Beverly Hills? He’s Axel Foley, a Detroit detective who’s been sent on

Saturday Night Live alum Tracy Morgan has reached a $90million settlement with Walmart following last year’s horror crash that left the comedian with severe head trauma, according to fellow funnyman Damon Wayans. Wayans, best known for his role on the ABC family sitcom My Wife and s, made the

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Apr 20, 2018 · [TV Line] An hour-long drama series listed as a “safe bet” on our 2018 Renewal Scorecard is on the verge of getting downgraded to “could go either way” — and the potential status change is not the result of any kind of ratings downturn. Rather, it’s due to an increasingly untenable

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